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Newest Addition to MDGuidelines™ Return-to-Work Toolkit Helps Users Navigate FMLA, State FML and Other Leave Laws

With a myriad of overlapping leave laws and potential million-dollar claim disputes, it’s no wonder eight out of 10 employers cite leave law administration as their most difficult HR activity.

To help organizations cope with this growing complexity, Reed Group® today announced the launch of Leave of Absence Advisor™, a searchable online reference tool that provides accurate and complete information on FMLA, state FML and other leave laws.

Leave of Absence Advisor simplifies the tangled web of state and federal leave laws. Users can search by keyword, browse by category or specify state and leave reason, and also can obtain information on corresponding best practices by Reed Group’s return-to work and leave law experts.

The result is easier leaves administration, reduced risk of costly compliance errors, and increased confidence that employees are receiving the appropriate leaves when personal difficulties arise.

“No human being can possibly understand, interpret, and apply overlapping regulations in multiple jurisdictions while in the daily process of approving and administering leaves,” says Jon Seymour, MD, Reed Group president, guidelines. “Leave of Absence Advisor is a critically needed tool for navigating that complexity. The subscription cost is negligible in light of its potential to reduce risk and improve productivity.”

Reed Group Chief Compliance Officer Martha J. Cardi says that Leave of Absence Advisor users can rest assured that its content is the most up-to-date information available.

“Our content is in full compliance with the multitude of state and federal leave laws, says Cardi, a recognized expert in employment and leave law. “We track leave of absence legislation throughout the country and implement changes into all of Reed Group’s products and services on an on-going basis. Users will benefit immediately from this competency when they sign up for Leave of Absence Advisor.”

Everyone involved in return-to-work matters can benefit from using Leave of Absence Advisor, including employers, insurers, third party administrators, attorneys, government entities, and employees.

Leave of Absence Advisor is the most recent addition to Reed Group’s MDGuidelines™ web-based toolkit of return-to-work information, and is just one of several recent Reed Group innovations for helping organizations better manage absence. Reed Group’s new LeavePro™ software for absence management also contains the content of Leave of Absence Advisor in its rules engine, ensuring that organizations are administering leaves with the most current laws available.

MDGuidelines also includes Reed Group’s Medical Disability Advisor real-world and physiological return-to-work duration guidelines with predictive modeling, medical monographs, ACOEM treatment guidelines and state medical treatment guidelines for workers’ compensation.

For more information and a free demonstration of MDGuidelines Leave of Absence Advisor, phone Reed Group at 866-889-4449 or email us

Compliance Team

Compliance Team

James Venable, JD, SPHR, is the Vice President of Employment Law, Absence and Accommodation Compliance at ReedGroup, where he provides expertise in Absence Management Compliance and Employee Relations Counseling. Mr. Venable has more than 20 years of experience across senior roles in Legal, Human Resources, and Compliance from several Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Venable joined ReedGroup in April 2018 after serving as Vice President of Human Resources, Employee Relations, Labor Relations, Compliance and Environmental Health and Safety for Comcast, where he was responsible for engagement and labor relations activities for the company’s West Division Business Unit.

Lori Welty, Esq. is a Compliance Attorney at ReedGroup. Ms. Welty provides expertise in all areas of state and federal leave law, including Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and their state law equivalents as well as disability and family leave benefits. Ms. Welty is an ongoing author of ReedGroup’s LeaveAdvisor online reference tool, as well as many other white papers and articles.

Sheri Pullen is a Compliance Analyst at Reed Group. Ms. Pullen develops leave of absence and disability content across a variety of platforms and provides compliance analysis, direction, and expertise regarding the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), state leave laws, and ERISA as it relates to disability plans. Ms. Pullen has a strong compliance-focused background comprised of more than 20 years of experience in writing, editing, business analysis, and consulting.

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