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MDGuidelines: A complete health and productivity solution

When evidence is backed by scientific fact, the path to care is clear. MDGuidelines’ tools and content are researched and evaluated by an academic-based research team, making MDGuidelines the most dependable decision support tool in the industry.

Our evidence-based guidelines help employers, insurers, and, providers take a systematic and effective approach to care and case management, which means:


“MDGuidelines really benefits everyone – the patient, the provider, the employer and the insurer. It brings everyone on the same page, while reducing friction, improving outcomes and reducing costs.”

Former Executive Medical Director, California Division of Workers’ Compensation

Our Evidence-Based Clinical Content Delivers:

  • ACOEM Practice Guidelines
  • Disability Duration Estimates
  • Drug Formulary
  • Reporting and Analytics

MDGuidelines empowers employers, insurers and providers to successfully improve health and financial outcomes.

Rigorous Evidence-Based Methodology

Our practice guidelines from the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) adhere to a very rigorous methodology that encompasses all eight standards for creating quality guidelines set forth by the National Academy of Medicine. Learn how using MDGuidelines positively impacts outcomes, your bottom line and patient satisfaction.

Data, Decision Support, Reporting and Consultation
Combined in One Tool

Disability duration data, predictive modeling, an evidence-based formulary, diagnosis and treatment recommendations and access to the full MDGuidelines content library provide a proven framework for clinical decision-making and informed case management.

MDGuidelines measures your population’s return-to-health performance and identifies areas of improvement to help patients return to productivity quickly and safely.

We educate providers and care managers in the effective use of MDGuidelines with web-based training programs. Additional support services include data acquisition assistance, EMR integration design, nurse case management support, and comprehensive account management.

MDGuidelines content is available to integrate into electronic medical records (EMR) systems and other case management workflow platforms. As a result, MDGuidelines seamlessly meets the needs of claims professionals as well as clinicians who rely on evidence-based content at the point of care to improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

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